Aoife Power
PROLegacy Founder

Aoife Power, PROLegacy Founder
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The Who

Aoife Power is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the empowerment of women. She is also a single mother of three children. Her youngest child has Autism and battles Ulcerative Colitis.

The Why

Taking care of a special needs child is a daunting undertaking. Aoife’s entire life savings went into helping her little boy, including unconventional therapies that health insurance did not cover. Halfway through her life and financially depleted, she never dreamed she could leave a legacy for her children. She felt like she had failed as a mom.

The How

Through her own experience and research, Aoife discovered a hidden gem within the insurance industry. One with the potential to be a game changer for millions of unserved single mothers who wish to leave a lasting, guaranteed, tax-free inheritance for their children. PROLegacy was born.

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