PROLegacy is a licensed insurance independent broker. We work with well known companies such as Mutual of Omaha, Pacific Life, and Prudential to provide a legacy for your children.

PROLegacy has developed trusted relationships with industry leaders and will shop the market to find you the best possible ROI (Return on your Investment). Over the last five years, PROLegacy has researched hundreds of life insurance products specifically for women just like you. Our research has uncovered an industry secret that guarantees a lasting tax-free legacy. No games. No smoke and mirrors.

Did you know that ONLY 1% of term life insurance policies ever payout? They only provide a death benefit for a set time period, after that your investment (ROI) is worth nothing. Guaranteed Universal Life policies (GUL’s) payout 100% of the time!

You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. There is also the added hassle-free convenience of a set-and-forget approach by allowing the payment to automatically be withdrawn when due.

A life insurance beneficiary is the person, people, trust, charity or estate who gets the payout on your life insurance policy after you die. You will typically be asked to pick two kinds of beneficiaries: a primary and a secondary. The secondary beneficiary receives the payout if the primary beneficiary is deceased. You can name more than one beneficiary, as well as the percentage of the payout you want to go to each one.

The money is dispersed how you choose. You can decide on recipients and lump sums/percentages or monthly payments. You have the power to decide.

The payment used to fund your legacy is paid for with “after tax dollars”. Meaning you are paying your policy with money that has already had all federal, state and withholding taxes deducted from it. So when your children receive their cash legacy from you, it is tax free for them.

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